Louise Willder – Blurb Your Enthusiasm – an A-Z of Literary Persuasion

Louise Willder – OneWorld – £14.99

Quick review of Louise’s checklist of adjectives not to be used in a blurb: breathtaking, spellbinding, dazzling, powerful, beautiful. So I can’t say it’s any of those.

Readable? Well, as she points out, it’s a book.

Darkly comic. That just means unpleasant, doesn’t it?

I also can’t accuse it of ‘mordant wit’. Although it is funny. Very. ‘Rich tapestry’. She’s got a point there – I don’t know what that means. ‘Reminds one of Martin Amis.’ Yes,  I think we can definitely shelve that one!

Oh – I know. I can crib her quote from Charlie Brooker: “The potential all-time #1 bestseller”.

Will that do?


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